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  • On-Site Meeting
  • Creative Site Suggestions

On-Site Property Inspection & Consultation

Our initial consultation will be at no cost to you.
We will come to the site (home, office, building site, etc…) where you will walk us around the property and explain what you would like to have done and where. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas, it will be our pleasure to provide innovative, functional and beautiful ideas for the perfect use of your space.

Prior to our meeting I recommend that you start making a “wish list” of items that interest you. This will help us understand your style and preferences. We also request that you obtain a copy of your property survey for this initial meeting.

The initial consultation should give us all the information we need to move on to the planning phase of your project.
We are adept providing solutions to such dilemma’s as:

  • Large elevation changes
  • Water problems
  • Buffering for noise & privacy
  • Small spaces
  • Impervious coverage issues